A-G’s witness confesses to his US$268 million fertilizer deal in 2011

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Comment: Criminal witness in trouble

Nkrumah Ba
2019-06-09 06:57:08
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A-G’s witness confesses to his US$268 million fe

Dr Opuni managed to stop most of the criminal schemes that were putting Cocobod money in the hands of criminals like Dr Adu Ampomah and some politicians. Adu Ampomah took on the challenge to pay him back. He thought media trial and ambush trial will make it easy for him to lie in court. Once the media trial got stopped by civil suits and the ambush trial was stopped by the Supreme court, Adu Ampomah's mission of selling Opuni to Akuffo Addo suffered a fatal blow, But because he has no functioning brain, he did not realize how hollow his testimony will be. Adu Ampomah will be crushed by his own lies. Next time, Adu Ampomah will learn not to even lie to his girlfriend.

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Nkrumah Ba on Jun 9, 06:57
Criminal witness in trouble
charlotte. Lartey on Jun 9, 07:41