A-G’s witness confesses to his US$268 million fertilizer deal in 2011

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Comment: The truth

Kofi Asare, Goaso
2019-06-09 07:29:22
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A-G’s witness confesses to his US$268 million fe

Hmmmmm. Let me begin by making this ovservation. It appears that the best defense for people who do not have understanding of issues here is to insult. It is strange for an npp person to be insulting Mahama and Northbers when the current vice president and some cabinet ministers are northers. It tells the unconscious believe of some npp members about Northbers. I have never heard any NDC person insulting ewes, north bees and other non akans before. It is always npp members. The non akans in this country must reflect deep on this. Having said this, I would like to say that our only biggest disease affecting us in this country is our inability to tell the truth. We have been afflicted with the hypocrisy virus to the extent that we can't even tell the truth even under oath in a court room. Dr. Adu Adu Ampomah and the npp have always taken credit for the one million tons of cocoa ever produced in Ghana, knowing very well that it occurred under the NDC. The weird justification they have given is today hunting them in court. Until we begin to tell the truth that the one million tons of cocoa recorded was due to smuggling along the western corridor as a result of the then feud between Watara and Gbagbo, the cocoa trees in Ghana will not forgive us for lying about them. The simple truth our cocoa trees in Ghana never produced one million tons of cocoa. The actual highest production figure we have recorded was in 2016/2017 which was due to the the accumulated effect of free supply of feetilizers. Our production has since 2016/2017 declined due to the removal of the free supply policy of this government. That is the truth

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Kofi Asare, Goaso on Jun 9, 07:29
charlotte. Lartey on Jun 9, 07:41