Anas exposé on how a Man of God forced a kid to eat faeces airs Friday

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Comment: A Call for Critical Follow-Up

Leonard Lamina
2019-06-28 03:27:36
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Anas exposé on how a Man of God forced a kid to e

I hope that this video is not a misrepresentation of reality. If it is proven to be so, Anas and his team must be publicly denounced. I once read somewhere that Anas claims that the wider public is his key source of accountability. Now that the video is out online--and will later be broadcasted on Ghanaian tv stations later today, I call upon the public to subject the claims of the investigators in the preliminary reports released online, and the actual content of the video, to a careful and dispassionate critical examination to see whether the video actually supports the outlandish claims being made about the director of Echoing Hills Village, Ghana , and the broader claims about the way his ministries are run. (One way to go about this is that, journalists should contact the director and any other credible external sources who are connected to and aware of the ministry of Echoing Hills Village Ghana (EHVG) to provide their side of the story). So long as the claims in the video have not been confirmed to be factually and representationally correct and irreproachable, it is one's duty to hold it with polite reservation.

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Leonard Lamina on Jun 28, 2019 03:27
A Call for Critical Follow-Up