Dr Duncan honoured for discovery of potential cure for HIV/AIDS

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Comment: Know the facts!!

2019-07-02 04:38:35
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Watch your back 24/7!!!

Nobody killed Nana Drobo, I was in Japan when he came, everybody I know was calling me telling me "a doctor" from my country who has cure for Aids will be on TV, I watched the show, he brought his concoctions, but the scientist in Japan had to filter the stuff and put it through some scientific methodologies, unfortunately the refined product had no effect on the HIV virus in-vitro, the Japanese being always diplomatic, did not say his drug was not good, but said maybe all the impurities in his original product may be the likely effective agents. Moreover before the show, they followed him from Wenchi, Ghana until he came to Japan, he did not produce a patient who had a confirmed diagnosis of being HIV-positive from a hospital to test the drug on, and those who he treated and claimed he had cured were never tested by any lab to say they were HIV-free or not, so before you start blaming big Pharmaceutical companies, at least know the facts, if this Dr. had published his findings in scientific journals I bet we would have heard about it at least, this shows the problems in Ghana, with over 50 universities and colleges we don't even have one local academic scientific magazine in which local and foreign-based Ghanaians can publish their work, all we know is NPP NDC, and Ponzi Saving and Loan Schemes!!!

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zantoda on Jul 2, 04:38
Know the facts!!