Dr Duncan honoured for discovery of potential cure for HIV/AIDS

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Comment: God bless you

2019-07-02 09:30:36
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Know the facts!!

You are very intelligent bro. What we know best is NPP NDC nonsense coupled with sex drive on the radio and TV. The intellectuals are fooling around and I'm not surprised because we have reduces education to *do you know who I am syndrome in Ghana? A whole intellectual will be closing his very eyes then uneducated fool who hasn't been to school is using Authority to fool without saying a word. When was first time have you heard someone on a government board or other states institution will say hey! I'm not in agreement of the direction we are going so I have quite? We are hypocrite and we used education to feed our ego and feed ourselves, whatever happens to our community our education doesn't really matter most.

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Nana on Jul 2, 09:30