Policewoman killed after shouting ‘Jesus, Jesus’; crime experts airlifted to Tamale to track killers

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Comment: They are both (military) weapons

James B. Awotwe
2019-08-02 08:45:11
Comment to:
I need explanation, please

They are both rifles used by the military. The M16 was initially used by the US army but now used alll over the world. Similary the G3 (made by German company Heckler & Koch ) was deployed by the German Army, but also used all over the world. Note that the G3 and M16 are the original names (in the 1950s). Later models have names like G3A, G3 A3 ZF, G3 A4 ...

Note: the G in G3 means 'Gehwehr', the German word for 'gun' or 'riffle'.

Hope you now understand those terms.

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James B. Awotwe on Aug 2, 08:45
They are both (military) weapons