Policewoman killed after shouting ‘Jesus, Jesus’; crime experts airlifted to Tamale to track killers

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Comment: Blame The Chronicle, Not Ghanaweb

James B. Awotwe
2019-08-02 10:41:25
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Policewoman killed after shouting ‘Jesus, Jesus

I did not see the original photo (apparenty violation of privacy, the way some forumers indicated) but I followed the source of the article ie thechronicle.com.gh and indeed that tragic image is on their homepage.

How can they publish such image on their homepage? Worse still, the image of a person who died on the service of the nation.

This is very, very serious. The Ghana Police Force should sue for damages and give the sum to the childrne of the deceased service woman.

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James B. Awotwe on Aug 2, 10:41
Blame The Chronicle, Not Ghanaweb