BoG gives reasons for revoking Ndoum’s GN Savings

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Comment: Clueless Bank of Ghana

Nana B
2019-08-18 12:36:38
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BoG gives reasons for revoking Ndoum’s GN Saving

This financial meltdown is nothing new in this world. Wall street and other powerful financial hubs have experienced this before. But the wise regulators there bailed them out with strict supervision to recoup the invested tax payers' money. After many years of such tried and proven strategies of handling such situations, our rather clueless idiots managing our economy decided to revoke licenses to heighten unemployment and burden the tax payers in addition. Virtually every sector of the economy now is dominated by foreigners. Ghanaian businesses have been destroyed by the very people that should be protesting them. We claim there is no money in the system because funds are locked up with financial institutions. Okay since the banks got cleaned up, have we experienced any improvement? Certainly not! Okay the 380+ microfinance institutions that were cleaned up to still no improvement ooo. Now you think adding savings and loans will bring that improvement?? Government not owning up and paying its obligations is why the country is where it is. Closing down businesses will only increase unemployment and reduce government revenue from taxes these employers and their workers would have paid if there were still in business. The media and people of influence have blinded the people of Ghana from seeing the true consequences of our actions as a nation. But one day God will hear the cries of His people who are perishing without knowledge and send a deliverer like Moses unto the Israelites...

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Nana B on Aug 18, 2019 12:36