I survived assassination attempt – Duncan Williams

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Comment: Hard truth

2019-09-11 08:59:55
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What did you do in Eastern Nigeria?

Have all who you sinned against repaid you yet @kaakyire? This man has been a born again for years now. Some of you refuse to accept that despite the corruption of the gospel by some self imposed pastors, many Ghanaians may have remained in the doldrums of sin and poverty if not for the mindset change campaign persons like Nicholas Duncan Williams started. I personally think many a time these charismatic churches go off the limit but there are some pretty responsible ones like pastor Eastwood, Agyin Asare and Nana Sei. Let's even be careful with the so-called orthodox churches cos at times the dormant doctrines breed ill-behaved congregants who feel no responsibility to spiritual revival and may end up with many actions as those in the carnal world. I believe the charismatic churches hold key to pure and action-filled righteous Christian life but unfortunately many in such churches have failed and their pastors too.

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DK on Sep 11, 2019 08:59