I survived assassination attempt – Duncan Williams

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Comment: Liar , liar , read this truth

2019-09-11 09:59:14
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Azaa Bishop - Ordained by crooks

Stop the nonsense , did you see him doing armed robbery? He was in Nigeria in benin city , Edo state to study under The late Archbishop Benson Idahosa and not to do armed robbery. Check your facts. Ok per your assumption, why wasn’t he arrested. Secondly it was Rawlings who was after this man of God because he was close to the then American Ambassador, he escorted them to Cotonou to buy food items and Rawlings thought he was an agent of the CIA disguised as a pastor, hence the national security requested to see him. He prayed Psalm 109 and they released him after raining curses through that prayer. He then became a very good friend of Rawlings

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Bastie on Sep 11, 2019 09:59
Liar , liar , read this truth