Akufo-Addo's 'belated regret' on Aisha Huang cannot cure Osafo Maafo's gaffe - Kweku Baako

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Comment: Ghanaians must hold NPP accountable

21st century boy
2019-10-07 13:41:31
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Who dare you speak defunct NPP VP

NPP members are never humble to accept their faults. People like Osafo Mafo can continue disgracing Ghana either by signing contract in a language he never understood or clearing Chinese women for no wrong doing in Aisha galamsay scandal. The president is just saying this because coming elections and never as a regret. It is not about jailing a Chinese at all cost, but do our leaders no what signal they are giving foreigners about Africa? Politicians especially NPP always think they can do what ever pleases them at the expense of the country, and society must be ready to hold them accountable.

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