One person can’t determine the fate of 35 million Ghanaians – Lawyer jabs Chief Justice

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Comment: The Chief Justice is one very brave woma

2019-11-05 22:58:22
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Re: One person can’t determine the fate of 35 mill

Very clearly, this And an As are chap is a first generation educated not 38th a rural mind-set. More importantly, his flawed logic suggests that he homself is a product of mass legal education. Without any apologies to anyone whatsoever, it must be made clear that the legal profession is unlike any other. Much as all studies at the tertiary level are of considerable importance, one cannot liken the study of English, French, geography or business to that of law, engineering, medicine or accounts. The prescription and application of law is what holds the fabric of modern society together. That our society has in recent years become so lawless and anarchical is due to the lowering of standards in legal studies by people like Ansah Asare. We now have all sorts of jackasses posing as qualified lawyers and being placed in very sensitive public institutions where they do scant little to advance the interests of the state. I don't expect that there are very many Ghanaians who will understand the difficult position taken by the Chief Justice and a few others of her high calibre. I therefore commend her for her bravery.

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Dõkodõko on Nov 5, 22:58
The Chief Justice is one very brave woma