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Comment: Africans Hate Africa's Development

2020-02-28 10:50:03
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It’s not too late to come clean on US$2bn Sinohy

When can we grow out of what the EUROPEANS are doing to us in Africa and stand up to them? Why do we always run to these same people who have never reconciled in their minds that we also can develop our resources and be like them? Why can we, especially the FORTUNATE EDUCATED amongst us team up with our governments and device ways and means of adding value to our resources for our development?
When will all these so caLLed "WHITE METHODS" trained Africans stop being mischievous and support our own ingenuity to develop?
What researchers? What is their motive? IMF what have they done for any of the 53 African countries to develop? Whenever the African intellectual is talking, IMF says this, IMF says that and I want the IMF to tell me for SIXTEEN times, Ghana governments gave them GHANA on the silver platter, what development do we see in Ghana. They have the same MEDICINE for the 53 Independent countries anytime the Economic ministers reported our national economies were sick.
Let us believe in ourselves and create systems to support those.

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ghanamindset on Feb 28, 2020 10:50
Africans Hate Africa's Development