NCA trial: Judgement can't be supported by evidence - Dominic Ayine

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Comment: You Don't Know Anything

2020-05-17 06:29:24
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NCA trial: Judgement can't be supported by evidenc

After the Supreme Court defeat in the Martin Amidu case u have surfaced here again. Shame u don't know a thing. I wonder what u are teaching students. The other stupid lawyer is the Amaliba guy. I don't know where u two had your pre university education. Pre university education is where commonsense begins. I feel pity if these my Northern otherwise well educated brothers and sister display such mental myopia because of politics . Abuga Pele was jailed or punished and it is ok but some others non northerners punished and it is not ok. I think the Pito and Dog meat is clouding their wisdom

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sam darkwa on May 17, 2020 06:12
Komkom on May 17, 2020 06:29
You Don't Know Anything