Tanzania to re-evaluate its position on Covid-19, says President Samia

Covid S Pic President Samia Suluhu Hassan

Tue, 6 Apr 2021 Source: thecitizen.co.tz

President Samia Suluhu Hassan has said that she intends to form a committee of experts to professionally evaluate the COVID-19 pandemic so as to advise the government on the way forward.

“On the issue of COVID-19, I think I should form a Committee of experts to look at it professionally and then advise the Government, it should not be silenced or rejected or accepted without professional research,” she said.

She added: We cannot isolate ourselves as if we are an Island but also we cannot accept everything brought to us, we cannot continue just reading about COVID-19 Worldwide, yet Tanzania is all blank, it is incomprehensible

According to her, Tanzania needs to have a clear and understandable position regarding the pandemic so that it can make informed decisions.

In view of that she said, Tanzania cannot rely on outside reports on the state of the pandemic while it has none.

“Tanzania needs to have its own understanding of where we stand on the issue of COVID-19,” she stressed.

Tanzania last released data on COVID-19 almost a year ago with data then showing that Tanzania only had 509 cases.

Since then government adopted the approach that Tanzania was free from CoOVID-19 with authorities encouraging local remedies such the steam therapy.

The government under her predecessor also said Tanzania would not procure vaccines despite the insistence of the WHO that the jab was necessary to curb the spread of the virus.

Source: thecitizen.co.tz
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