Artiste shares why most media houses don’t play his songs

Fri, 15 Jan 2021 Source: e.TV Ghana

Ghanaian Reggae act, Osagyefo has finally revealed why he thinks most media houses in the country do not give his songs the airplay they deserve.

According to him, most media houses consider him as not credible enough for his songs to be played on their platforms because of the significant issues he raises.

Talking to Haruna Babangida, host of the Reggae Republic Show on Y 97.9 FM he said, “Some of these media houses have become so partisan to the point that they will relate most of my songs to politics”.

But for Osagyefo, he believes that his songs have got nothing to do with politics but rather, “stressing on realities in our era".

He went on to say that, he knows for a fact that his songs “are not the popular opinion kind of songs because people in Ghana like it when you sing loosely. In that case, you don’t really sing about anything. It’s like being a comedian that’s what they want”.

He motioned, that Ghanaians do not want someone who always addresses issues affecting the country "but for me Osagyefo, that is my lane and that is what I am interested in. So when listening to them I am proud especially when the beat and everything is clear”.

Osagyefo believes that our music should be a way of bringing checks and balances to our system.

“And that is what I seek to achieve through my music," he stated.

Source: e.TV Ghana