DJ Vyrusky talks about Throwback Verseday 2020 mix

Sun, 10 Jan 2021 Source: museafrica.com

As tradition demands, Vyrusky, the multiple award-winning DJ has released the 2020 edition of his Throwback Verseday mix.

The project is a mix of the biggest Afrobeats songs during the year under review.

This year’s features songs by the likes of Stonebwoy, Gyakie, Bosom Pyung, Kuami Eugene, and Shatta Wale.

MuseAfrica.com caught up with Vyrusky for a quick interview about the concept of the mix, what makes it unique, and more.

MuseAfrica.com: What is the idea behind Throwback Verseday mix?

Vyrusky: Throwback Verseday is a concept that has existed since 2016.

I realized that people like certain verses of hit songs when I play at parties so I decided to have a mix of the verses of songs that people enjoyed at these shows.

Mixes usually include the full length of a song but I decided to have a mix where I put together the favourite parts of hit songs according to the reaction of the audience. I know there is always a question of how do you know if a song is popular or not? Because I DJ at shows, I am able to tell which songs were big.

Basically, the mix starts from Ghana and Nigeria. There are also songs from South Africa (Amapiano) because those songs made an impact in the country. It is a mix to refresh our minds about the songs that helped us throughout the year 2020.

MuseAfrica.com: Is there a group of people this mix is for? Or it is for everyone irrespective of what their favourite genre of music is?

Vyrusky: It’s for everyone to enjoy! When you miss a song that was popular… sometimes someone is in a part of the world doesn’t really know what is going on in another part… the people who really patronize this are people from the UK and the U.S because sometimes they want to know the songs that really made it big in Ghana.

MuseAfrica.com: What do you want people, especially those who are not necessarily big on Afrobeats or Amapiano to take away when they listen to the mix?

Vyrusky: What I want to tell people is there is good music… I introduced a couple of new artists who have big songs.

There is Gyakie with ‘Forever’ – it might not have been a national hit but in her space, it was a big hit so I had to feature that song there.

I am just trying to introduce people to the new vibes, new songs here in Ghana. This is Afrobeats. We are telling them we make good music, and even if you don’t like Afrobeats, we want you to know there is something good here.

I featured the Hip hop bit where we have the Asakaa boys – the Kumericans taking the lead on that one. So maybe someone likes Hip-hop, there is a bit of hip hop for the person too.

MuseAfrica.com: Any last words?

Vyrusky: Basically Throwback Verse is here to stay. It will be released every year. The whole concept is building something for a concert eventually. So let’s watch out for a Throwback verseday concert.

The artistes will come on stage just to do the hit songs they produced in a year. That’s basically the whole idea.

Listen to the mix below.

DjVyrusky · Dj Vyrusky - Throwback Verseday 2020
Source: museafrica.com