Don’t be jealous of your colleagues – Cindy Thompson to young gospel acts

Sun, 10 Jan 2021 Source: Kasapa FM

Veteran Ghanaian gospel musician Cindy Thompson, now Cindy Quainoo has advised young gospel female artistes not to be envious of their colleagues.

She noted that the voice to minister is given by God for gospel artists to glorify Him so no need to be jealous of one another.

Thompson also urged them to put their trust in God and not in their voices since one's vocal ability can fail at any time.

“I see myself as a vessel of God. I believe in God and I believe in the gift He has given me. I don’t put my trust and faith in my voice. My faith is in God. Let’s keep our faith in God who gave us the gift,” she said.

Sharing her testimony about the 2020 Women In Worship, Cindy Thompson eulogized her colleagues’ veteran musicians who were also featured and described the ministration as a Spirit-filled and impactful night.

She witnessed something unique about female gospel music legends. She said each gospel music legend is special in her own way. They love, understand, and cherish themselves.

“Women In Worship event has been a great thing and I took the invitation seriously.

"Our mothers [Gospel music legends] are unique, they love themselves, they understand themselves, and cherish themselves which I adopted them. All of us are women and we have the voices but God uses each of us in a different way. The day we were performing God used all the legends in a different way.

"I want to take this privilege and opportunity to advise our young artistes not to be jealous of anyone. God didn’t give you the voice just like that.

"The time many would fall in love with your music has not come yet so don’t rush, have patience, and believe in God. Never think that they are leaving you behind. Believe in the Holy Spirit,” Cindy Thompson told the young female gospel artistes.

According to the award-winning gospel minstrel, young gospel musicians should befriend and be led by the Holy Spirit in their music journey and not lean on their own understanding.

“When you befriend the Holy Spirit, He will give you the desired song. Let’s love God and do His will and not put our faith in our voices but put our faith in the God who gave us that voice,” she added.

Cindy Thompson who shot to fame with her song “Awurade Kasa” as it was used for political gain by the New Patriotic Party in 2000 claimed young gospel artistes should eschew competition with their own colleagues when ministering on the same platforms.

Many have claimed that gospel musicians in the country are not united which is gradually bringing divisions among members of the industry.

This claim by Cindy Thompson could possibly be the current situation of the gospel fraternity.

Most young gospel artistes could possibly be oblivious of how backbiting and disunity are gradually crippling the industry and shifting the focus of spirit-filled gospel ministrations to just showmanship.

Organizers of the all-female minstrels night of worship experience, Women In Worship on January 7, held a Dinner Night for the legends to climax the 2020 edition.

Young gospel female acts such as Jayana, Selassie Brown, Ruth Adjei, others dined and ministered with the gospel female legends on the same stage.

It was a fulfilling night for the young artists as they were advised to allow the Holy Spirit to take center stage of their gospel ministry.

On the night, the female gospel legends laid hands on the young female gospel artists to bless them to also take up the mantle and continue with the task ahead.

The 2020 edition of the Women In Worship event witnessed eleven (11) legends on stage ministering back to back hit songs inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Source: Kasapa FM