I never left the music scene, be current - Dada Hafco jabs

Sat, 9 Jan 2021 Source: e.TV Ghana

Ghanaian highlife artiste, Terry Asare Boamah, popularly known as Dada Hafco has advised that people should do proper research before putting out certain information on the internet.

He said this when he was asked by Foster Romanus during an interview on eTV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show what he thinks of people saying that he has been off the music scene and is now back putting out one or two songs as a comeback.

Dada Hafco stated that he has always been around and never stopped doing highlife music hence, people who put out such contradicting information should be sure to research more and get their facts right as well as stay current.

“These are the people who would want to put something on social media without going on google to correct their spellings. People don’t research, people don’t know what’s going on but if you want to be current, you need to check what’s going on.

"I believe that if we speak about highlife today in Ghana, I’m one of the names that will pop up. It’s not a brag because I’ve been here fighting for the genre. A lot of folks just want to be in a corner and listen to a little circle of artistes but you can’t do that and be current”, he said.

The musician shared a little personal experience about not staying current from back in 2002 when 50 Cent first showed up in the music industry. According to him, he always had the ‘who is this guy’ reaction whenever the name '50 Cent’ was mentioned and he did not want to hear anything about him.

Dada Hafco confessed that a few months later when 50 Cent rose to fame and his name was everywhere, he was late to feel the artiste’s vibe because he had not researched about him and was not current. He noted that anyone who follows music and stays up to date on their research will know that Dada Hafco never left the music scene.

Source: e.TV Ghana