Knii Lante calls for better Ghana-Nigeria relations with new single

Knii Lante Black Ghanaian musician, Knii Lante

Thu, 1 Oct 2020 Source: B Banks

Today is the 1st of October, 2020 and Nigeria today celebrates its diamond jubilee; 60 years of independence from colonial rule, a feat that Ghana achieved a few years back.

Throughout the years we’ve shared a great bond of companionship wrapped in rivalry.

In the wake of the recent misunderstandings amongst Ghanaian and Nigerian traders that escalated tensions, it’s become necessary that we remind ourselves of the great positive bonds we share, especially through music! That’s what Ghana-Naija represents.

Knii Lante’s 6th single this year is a celebration of both cultures through the eyes of a Ghanaian and Nigerian couple in love.

Let’s celebrate the love we share for food, sports, women and of course music.

Enjoy this beautiful Afro-Pop jam, laced with guitar strings reminiscent of Highlife sounds shared by both cultures.

Ghana-Naija was produced by Knii Lante and DatBeatGod.

Source: B Banks
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