Kweku Greene releases 'Juju'

Sat, 3 Oct 2020 Source: Richmond Addy, Contributor

Horizon Records signee, Frank Bortey, better known as Kweku Greene drops a new single titled 'Juju'.

The word ‘Juju’ in Ghanaian language, translates to 'Charm’.

The song aims at creating an inseparable bond between lovers to spice up their relationships.

It also describes the unique body features of an African woman.

On a groovy rhythm, the singer, Kweku Greene with a soothing voice gives guidelines on how a man should treat his woman.

Listening to the song, one would hear the singer showering praises on a woman, stating how he is constantly charmed anytime he sees her.

‘Juju’ has come to cement the bond in relationships as the lyrics of the song might provide some tips for 'suffering relationships'.

Wacth the video below

Source: Richmond Addy, Contributor