Rita Queen targets global market

Mon, 7 Sep 2020 Source: Justice Walker, Contributor

Gospel artiste Rita Nkansah, known in the gospel music scene as Rita Queen is one of the Ghanaian gospel musicians gradually gaining prominence on the international music scene.

The gospel artiste, who has gained much exposure in Nigeria, and other countries, explained that one of the things she was bent on doing was to evangelize the word of God through music as well as sell the Ghanaian culture to the outside world.

According to her, the use of the English language in her songs is to make her style unique.

“My music is mainly about preaching the highest God to people. It’s mainly about evangelizing God’s goodness to His children. I feel happy when I spread the word of God through ministry and that is what is working for me. The English language has been my main point for the good trend in Nigeria” she told The New Publisher in an interview in Accra yesterday.

She added, “I am a versatile brand. I sing in English and a couple of Ghanaian languages. The English language I use, adds some sort of uniqueness to my songs. I believe you don’t need to be a speaker of a language to love it. We sing and play other songs even with some other native vocabularies and we enjoy them. So I am personally determined to persuade my fans to love the language style and most especially, the message of the song which has all been on the projection of God.”

In March 2020, she was inspired to pen down and release her first single, ‘He Reigns’ – which she said projects the goodness of God indicating that the release of He Reigns was of mandate to draw the lost to God’s kingdom.

“Jesus did not come for the righteous but the lost and those people are not in our churches but on the streets and they desire an equal opportunity to know God and just like the story of Jonah, the street is where God wants me to reach out in my songs,” she said.

Her current single Holy Name was released about two weeks ago and far has garnered many reviews on all social media platforms.

The adopted name, ‘Holy Name’, according to her exalts and magnifies the name of Jesus as well as highlights optimism and makes room for persistency – a key to survival in all forms of ordeals.

“The song talks about the name of Jesus, how holy Jesus is, how powerful he is, and we are nothing without his love and mercy upon our lives, it’s a song that exalts and magnifies the name of Jesus.”

“It gives hope, and hope makes room for persistence. Persistence makes you fight on and not give up before your breakthrough finally comes.”

Source: Justice Walker, Contributor