Music Sun, 4 Aug 2019

Sixteenth Angelic Choir ready for Cello 2019 concert

The Singing group behind Ghana’s biggest Choral show held annually in Takoradi has serve notice it is prepared and ready for the show dubbed Cello Concert.

Cello has become known as Ghana’s ever biggest choral show staged by the Takoradi based singing group, The Sixteenth Angelic Choir and Orchestra considering the package's envelope in the show.

The show is a platform where singing is stretched to its elastic limits considering the complex musical pieces performed by the group.

This year show comes off on the 11th of August at Akroma plaza at 5pm.

Expected of a group known for its mastery in the area of classical pieces, expectations are high ahead of the show. Considering the audience high expectations for the show, Organizers of the show say this year edition is going to be a mouthwatering package.

The brain behind the group, Joseph Kingsley Amusah tells this choral writer in a face to face interview at the group rehearsal hall everything was set and the singers were also more than ready for the show.

‘We know there’s a high expectation ahead of the show considering the niche we have to carve for ourselves as a singing group but what we can say is that as a professional group, we are ready and everything is set’.

The whole duration of the show he says would last for a period of three hours as a result of the packages to be unveiled by the group. There will be five package enveloped in the Cello show- Oratorio, orchestra renditions, solo performances, children’s choir performances and the lastly the opera show.

‘We have scripted and rehearsed every performance and the five package performance will last for three hours’, Joseph Amusah told this writer.

Breaking the packages, the University of Cape Coast trained Musician said the children’s choir whose ages range between seven to fifteen years would have a field day on stage doing their own thing.

The children’s choir will be grouped into two soprano parts-soprano one and two sing in both and alto parts. Considering children’s voice range, there will be no bass singers.

The opera package of the show is entitled ‘Ahwehwe’ to wit ‘Mirror and the story behind the show is written by Enock Mintah Amoah, a Tenor singer of the Sixteenth group.

The opera will be set to compositional arrangement by another UCC trained Musician Paa Kwesi Ahenkorah, the Music Director of the group. Last year cello opera storey was same written and composed by the creative minds of the group.

Unconfirmed information available to this writer indicates that a total of about 45 singers are expected on stage for Ghana’s ever biggest choral show with the children’s choir number expected in around 20.

Sixteenth Angelic Choir and Orchestra is the only singing group in Ghana with accompanying instruments orchestra and children’s choir. The children choir have been trained to sight reads staff notation including the adult’s choir.

Ahead of the Cello show, the group unveiled its children’s choir and orchestra in a show dubbed ‘Let It Sound’ where the two performed on stage to the admiration of the audience.

All road leads to the venue of Ghana’s biggest choral show-cello 19. PIC: The flier of Cello 19.

Source: Kwesi Alfred Adams