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Steve Bedi talks failed instrument at gigs, alcoholism & successes as a Saxophonist

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Africa’s finest and Ghanaian born saxophonist Steve Bedi has revealed a sad and shocking experience he encountered in his sax career in the past decades.

The said incident occurred when the chance to perform with Ghana’s highlife legend Rex Omar at the National Theatre in Accra.

During an interview with Steve Bedi on “Showbiz Agenda” on Accra based radio station Zylofon FM 102.1, he told the host Sammy Flex that he nearly shed tears when he didn’t get a single hand of applause after his sax performance at the National Theatre.

“Bra Sammy, I was shocked when I performed at the National Theatre and I couldn’t get a single hand of applause. I finished performing and they were just looking at me. I went back on stage and I nearly wept but I didn’t. I didn’t weep because I had a thought in me that these same people will applaud me one day,” he narrated.

According to him, he felt discouraged but had determination that one day he will surely be cheered by them for his performance.

He further stated that he is always selective on songs he puts his sax session on because he has a brand and he always wants that job which will have positive impact on his brand.

To Steve Bedi, even though many see him as Africa’s finest saxophonist, he doesn’t want to feel more hyped but will allow his works to speak for him when asked whether he is really the finest in Africa.

He further pointed out that it wasn’t expensive to have his studio session because he had made it more moderate so that anyone could afford and he also thinks it is always good for a song to have sax version on it.

Talking about instrument failures, he told the host Sammy Flex that he had ever been disappointed on stage by a key failure because of his negligence.

According to him, the key was a key had used during his performances so he didn’t check on it before going on stage so it is always advisable to check on your instruments before going on stage.

Talking about alcoholism and it’s effects on saxophonist, he revealed that "it isn’t advisable for saxophonists to take in more alcohol because it weakens their lungs.”

"I take alcohol but not all that much. I take it occasionally. It isn’t healthy and wise to take in more alcohol because it weakens the lungs. Just look at you having rehearsals and you are drunk, you could see that you are not concentrating so it isn’t good to take in more alcohol,” he concluded.

Source: sammyflex.com