Need to have a vision, quality leadership to build basketball culture - Savane

 Lamine Michel Savane Lamine Michel Savane

Thu, 15 Apr 2021 Source: basketballghana.com

Basketball Africa League (BAL) Head of League Operations Lamine Michel Savane has opined having a vision and quality leadership to see the vision through is a necessary feature in building a basketball culture.

He made this statement at the Ghana Basketball Conference held on April 14 virtually via ZOOM as he addressed participants at the event. He stood in as a speaker at the Conference for BAL Vice President John Manyo-Plange.

The Conference attracted important personalities including Ghana Basketball Association (GBBA) President and Ghana Minister of Youth and Sports Mustapha Ussif.

Addressing the topic of building a basketball culture in Ghana, the long-tenured Senegalese administrator Savant stated:

“You have to imagine that you have a pyramid and there is a base…the base of the pyramid is the organization; the federation, the clubs, different academies, the grassroots that you have to put together because this is what builds a basketball culture in a country.”

“To build that culture you have to have a vision and the vision has to built and it has to be carried out by the Federation and all the other stakeholders and in order to that you need to have quality leadership to carry the vision.”

The Conference was held virtually with respect to COVID 19 protocols.

Source: basketballghana.com