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Armwrestling is an attractive sport - Marcea Simonescu

Mr Marcea Simonescu, the General Secretary of the World Armwrestling Federation (WAF), has said the sport is very attractive and can be played by both sexes no matter the age.

Mr Simonescu, the Romanian, arrived in Ghana on Tuesday to witness the Ninth Edition of the Africa Armwrestling Championship, expressed his delight on how Armwrestling was developing so fast in Ghana.

According to him, Armwrestling was one of the sports, which would put Ghana on the map, indicating that, it is a type of sport which needs a lot of courage, motivation and perseverance.

Mr Marcea said Armwrestling was an easy sports which has a lot of potentials when taken seriously.

“The development of Armwrestling in Ghana is growing really fast which I haven’t seen in the last five years.


“Organizing an event like armwrestling needs a lot of courage, motivation and perseverance, which I know would put Ghana on the map of World Armwrestling

“Armwrestling is a very easy sports to play which has a very huge potentials because people can understand it very well either you lose or win.

“Armwrestling is a very attractive sports which can be played by all age groups either young or old no matter the gender” he said.

The 2018 African Armwrestling Championship is scheduled to take place on the 26-29 July at the Hathramani Hall at the Accra Sports Stadium.

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