Coronavirus: 'Returning to sports without mental training is catastrophic' – Brain Specialist

Wed, 7 Oct 2020 Source: GNA

Brain Specialist in Philosophy of Mind, Psychology and Sports Science, Dr. William Kwabena Owusu has stated that returning to sports after the COVID-19 pandemic without undergoing mental therapy will be catastrophic for African football.

He said, even though government has given the nod for the country to resume sports, he believes the country is not mentally ready for it.

He stressed that, whileother countries in Europe and North America are organising mental training programs for their athletes, sporting authorities across Afria are still unprepared.

He added, most athletes in Africa are psychologically vulnerable due to how unpredictable and uncontrollable the pandemic was.

“Sports performance is determined by the ability of the mind to operate through physical skill and tactical insight. The COVID-19 global pandemic has caused significant impact on athletes who train and compete. On top of coping with the stress of regular daily life while training and competing, the pandemic adds complexity that can either result in worsening the underlying existing psychological problem, or it can trigger career termination in sports.” he identified

Source: GNA
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