Coronavirus should not be an excuse for unfulfilled promises - Political scientist

Wed, 6 Jan 2021 Source: e.TV Ghana

Political Scientist and senior lecturer at the University of Ghana Dept of Political Science, Dr. Seidu Mahama Alidu has asserted that the Covid-19 pandemic cannot be blamed for the government’s inability to fulfill all their promises made in 2016.

Economists have said that Ghana’s macroeconomic indicators were solid until Covid-19 impacted on the economy however, Dr. Seidu, during an interview with Samuel Eshun on eTV Ghana’s Fact Sheet, highly disagreed with this

He made the analysis that, “Covid is a universal thing. Ghana was not the only country that was impacted as far as Covid is concerned so if we’re assessing your performance, I would not necessarily attribute a chunk of your non-performance to Covid because Covid came to hit the entire global economy and it’s more or less a systematic thing”.

According to him, it is not how to measure or make noise about the pandemic that matters because it is the new normal, hence we only need to adapt to it and jump onto another thing.

“For me, I think we had about three years before the Covid hit and if I’m supposed to assess this government based on what they promised, I’m not going to use the Covid times because it’s out of the norm. I’m going to use from 2017 to 2019.

If you go through the manifesto, you can clearly see they’ve stated the time frame within which they promised to provide so effectively, I’m not going to judge any government based on Covid”, the political scientist further added.

Source: e.TV Ghana
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