Don’t dismiss Madagascar’s coronavirus cure – Prof Addae-Mensah to govt

Mon, 8 Jun 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Having done extensive research on the functions and efficacy of Artemisia Afra plant, which is the main 'ingredient" in the famous Madagascar coronavirus cure, a professor of Chemistry and former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana has advised government not to outrightly dismiss the potency of the drug.

According to Emeritus Professor Ivan Addae-Mensah, although the drug manufactured by the Island country has been disregarded by the World Health Organization and other substantial bodies, it cannot be dismissed outrightly by government without further probe.

He believes appropriate tests must be conducted by health institutions to establish the efficacy and consistency of the herbal mixture for onward use.

Speaking in an interview with TV3, he said the slow spread of the Coronavirus in Africa as compared to other Western countries gives room to explore the potency and efficacy of herbal drugs and others, as possible modes treatment.

“I have worked on that plant before…and so I know a lot about it and it shouldn’t be dismissed just like that because there are constituents of it which scientifically has the potential of helping to manage some of the symptoms like the congested air passages, sudden effects on the cardiovascular system, fevers and coughs…”

He said even some diseases which worsen the plight of infected coronavirus patients can also be treated with the plant which has been used to produce COVID-Organics.

“…We should not just dismiss it offhand; the important thing is for those who are in charge of our health system to make sure that necessary tests that need to be done are done,” he told TV3’s Alfred Ocansey.

The Ghana Health Service in May 2020 gave indications that the country is ready to make an assessment on ‘COVID-Organics’ from Madagascar. The health authority said the GHS would collaborate with the Food and Drugs Authority to ascertain its potency and advise the public accordingly.

But not much has been heard of it thereafter.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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