GBA took £5000 from the bout they claimed I forged documents - Boxer Lartey alleges

Richard Harrison Nortey.jpeg Richard Harrison Lartey has been banned by the GBA for five years

Tue, 13 Apr 2021 Source: happyghana.com

Embattled Ghanaian boxer Richard Harrison Lartey, has launched a scathing attack on the Ghana Boxing Association (GBA) and his management Cabic Promotions after a five-year ban imposed on him.

The boxer has been banned by the GBA for five years for forging the signature of General Secretary Peter Johson on documents ahead of a WBO belt in the UK in 2019.

General Secretary for the GBA in an interview on Happy Sports revealed why the boxer was suspended.

“In his bout against Fabio Wahil instead of him to come for a letter from the Ghana Boxing Authority, he didn’t but instead forged my signature and the letterhead of the GBA on a letter for the bout. We got to know about it later because we got a copy of the letter. That is the reason why he has been banned for five years. His is a criminal offense that is why the GBA has decided to ban him for five years”.

According to Richard Harrison Lartey, in the said bout which the GBA General Secretary claimed he forged their signature and used the body’s letterhead without their authorization, the same GBA took £5000 for the bout, a percentage of every fight they sanction.

“The GBA gave me approval and allowed me to fight. They took £5000 from my purse and sanctioned the fight. So if I forged the signature and used their letterhead why did they sanction the fight and took the money.”

Richard Lartey alleged that his management Cubic Promotions are in bed with officials of the GBA.

Happy 98.9FM contacted Cubic Promotions to respond to the allegations made by the boxer but officials of the management told Happy Sports they were not ready to comment.

Source: happyghana.com