Ghana, Nigeria excluded from list of travellers permitted to enter Europe from July 1

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Comment: nexttime vote for a competent man

Rogue Lawyer
2020-06-29 16:22:52
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Ghana, Nigeria excluded from list of travellers pe

The EU was right, though i have my own reservation about their actions.

Ghana Government led by this super incompetent Akuffu Addo, was just talking without any serious actions to cure or prevent the so called covid 19, which from the onset all those numbers the government was trying to proclaim to the world as covid 19 case to me was never true .
the issue is , if you announce that there are covid 19 in the country , but all you do was just announcing numbers , then you are among the super incompetent leaders who had no clue to solve the pandemic.

now EU

sometimes your actions are so clear of your neocolonialism mindset.

yes, you reserve the right to choose who you want to come to your country, but it must be reasonable.

if indeed Ghana reported numbers are true, are they not still low infected area as compare to your own backyard .

you are just showing muscles, Africa should also ban any european national from coming to her borders , and let us all see what is going to happen

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nexttime vote for a competent man
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