Ghana, Nigeria excluded from list of travellers permitted to enter Europe from July 1

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Comment: Good news: we need self determination.

We must build our nation
2020-06-29 16:55:16
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Ghana, Nigeria excluded from list of travellers pe

Can the blackman understand self determination? Why we are always do our things by the approval of other nations. If we are not allow praise God let us work to develop our own and stop leaving our lives on the approval of others. We must set our own standard. A blackman has good things , but as soon as some foreigners say is bad then this bad. Where is our brains? Intelligence? Can't we do our own assessment. You leave life by their standard and if they disrespect you and mistreat you then you cry racism. Blackman what is your standard? What are your own achievements? We must stop squatting on other peoples achievements, technology and development. Let us stop the stupid false blame games. We must be truthful to ourselves as blacks. How many world top companies does black people own? From food to cloths, transportation to commerce, technology, and many more? Zero. But we claim we have build the western world. If you have build the west why don't you build your own? The answer is blacks do well only under the supervision of the west. Because we lack ideology. Our thinking is poor and we think inferior of ourselves. We pull ourselves down, we are enemy to each other. Envy and jealousey always set up back as people.

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Good news: we need self determination.
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