Ghana, Nigeria excluded from list of travellers permitted to enter Europe from July 1

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Comment: EU is corrupt aswell

Truth is bitter
2020-06-29 22:16:50
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Re: Ghana, Nigeria excluded from list of traveller

If chinese citizens are allowed whiles countries with low cases are allowed to enter, then the EU is bogus as hell..it seems there is no fairness in this world..omg..what a corrupt world..i wonder how the Almighty. God is feeling about the human race..white, blacks, brown..all people of color seems to be corrupt and bias..Lucky Dube, i understand the lyrics in ur music now..we live in a crazy world..no amount of words can convince me that China contained the virus and so? They brought all this suffering to this word..Every race in this world is corrupt..chinese people brought the virus and lied about it from the beginning..so they must pay for it..personally, i don't respect that European union for a long time so it's no surprise..they are corrupt and stupid as fuck..

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EU is corrupt aswell
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