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BizTech: How the flower pot business is fast becoming a lucrative venture

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Fri, 2 Oct 2020 Source:

Gardening, including flower pot making, has become one of the fastest growing businesses in Accra.

Over the years, flower pots were mostly patronised by foreign nationals but as time went on, locals have embraced the idea of using gardening pots to beautify their homes.

Most of these pots, sometimes adorned with flowers of various kinds, come in vintage and modern paintings are used by buyers to complement the look in their homes, churches and restaurants.

However, craftsmen go through a lot to come out with masterpieces for customers to patronise despite their work being tedious.

Inasmuch as the job is tiring, these craftsmen make good sales as the business, they say, keeps booming by the day.

Aside from the lucrative aspect, they are also fraught with several challenges including thievery.

The case of thieves bolting with their raw materials - cement, sand and most times the pots, together with the flowers have been a major problem for them.

Also, they averred that land guards sometimes evade their sales point to claim ownership of the piece of land they make their daily bead.

BizTech in this edition also brings to bear the production process of the beautiful flower pots we see lined up on the streets and in shops.

Watch the video below:

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