Business News Mon, 22 Feb 2010

CLOGSAG disassociates itself from Single Spine Pay Policy

Busua (WR) Feb. 22, GNA - The Council of the Civil and Local Governm= ent Staff Association (CLOGSAG) has disassociated itself from the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC= ) and Organised Labour on the Single Spine Pay Policy (SSPP).

The council said their action was based on government's position on the SSPP as contained in its White Paper that stated that "government accept in principle, the recommendation that SSPP serve as the basis for public service pay effective January 1, 2010, subject to the correction of the technical problems associated with the current proposal". This was contained in a communiqu=E9 issued by the Council of CLOGSA= G and signed by its Vice President, Mr. Tennyson Foli at the end of a three-day=

working session at Busua in the Western Region.

The communiqu=E9 said government recognised that a review of the pro= posed pay policy should be undertaken to address technical issues such as servi= ce function, job content, scheme of service and job valuation. It said although the FWSC had acknowledge that there are teething problems related to the grading of members, these concerns have not been addressed as directed by the white paper . "The FWSC is also silent on the standardisation of category two and three allowances, which are to be negotiated as directed by the white pap= er" the communiqu=E9 said. The communiqu=E9 said the actions and inaction of FWSC was detriment= al to the interest and aspirations of its members and called on the government to abide by the directives contained in the white paper.


It said Council has therefore directed the National Secretariat of CLOGSAG, to immediately open negotiations with government for 2010 salary=

adjustment based on the Ghana Universal Salary Structure for its members. The communiqu=E9 said the leadership of the Association will not end= orse or accept any policy that will put its members in a disadvantageous position. CLOGSAG also denied reports that it had merged with the Local Government Workers Union of the Ghana Trades Union Congress.

"The change of name of the association was in recognition of the fac= t that the association has membership in both central and local government institution nationwide", CLOGSAG said.

Source: GNA