Business News Mon, 31 May 2010

Cofieco and Huang launches BYD FO car in Ghana

Accra, May 31, GNA - The management of Cofieco and Huang Limited, an

automobile marketing company in Accra, has launched the BYD FO saloon car

onto the Ghanaian market to solve transportation needs of low income earn ers who want to own a car. The BYD FO is a Supermini Compact car, with petrol electric hybrid hatchback; a 1.0 litre engine, heated door mirror, quick clear windscreen , air bags and a top speed of 180mph and environmentally friendly. It has a low fuel consumption rate with links and ball-joints reinforced to specifically suit the country's roads network and weather conditions. BYD FO was manufactured by Auto Sales Company Limited, a Chinese company, with subsidiaries in Germany and Europe. Mr Ebo Anderson, Marketing Manager of Cofieco and Huang, launching t he car in Accra recommended it to all and sundry, saying it was the best min i car on offer in the country.


He said it was being offered on a three-year warranty, three-year instalment payment system, free training on defensive driving for buyers,

free servicing for a year and a-year's insurance cover and maintenance. Mr Anderson said the vehicle cost 11,000 dollars adding management h ad put in place flexible payment policy such as a three-year instalment paym ent system to ensure that everyone could acquire it. Mr Koby Acheampong, Deputy Minister of Tourism, described it as 'a smart vehicle which is fuel efficient and can beat traffic'. He said the vehicle was good for Ghanaians because it was affordable ..

Source: GNA