'75% internet penetration likely within a decade' - NITA

Mon, 26 Apr 2021 Source: business24.com.gh

The Deputy Director of the National Information Technology Agency (NITA), Kwaku Kyei Ofori, has said the country’s goal of a 75 percent internet penetration rate is attainable in less than a decade.

Available statistics reveal that the internet penetration rate in Ghana presently stands at 50 percent; however, the government is striving to achieve a penetration rate of at least 75 percent.

Speaking at the second edition of the virtual Mobile Technology for Development (MT4D) conference, Mr. Ofori said: “Looking at the population of 30 million-plus in Ghana, there are a lot of people who are just not connected to the internet or computer-savvy. These people might not be able to use the internet for now, but looking into the future, by 2030 to 2035, the younger generation coming up in the age of technology will change the narrative. This generation is heavily dependent on the internet for almost everything they do, [and] we will see a rise in the internet penetration rate past the 75 percent.”

He also predicted that internet usage will grow after the pandemic due to changes that will take place in the world of work and in education.

“The post-pandemic world will also mean that more online universities will spring up, where a lot more students can be admitted online than the traditional system of classroom schooling. Things will change and the internet will be at the centre.”

The government, through the Communications Ministry and NITA, is driving the agenda of the collective use of ICT in all sectors, which Mr. Ofori reckons can position Ghana to benefit from the 4th Industrial Revolution.

He said it is important that every Ghanaian, especially the unserved communities, have access to meaningful connectivity that is affordable and constant. This, he added, will facilitate access to information and knowledge sharing that will enable the average Ghanaian to improve and enhance their daily life.

“When we hit the 75 percent target, our data will be critical; therefore, our infrastructure and security will have to be beefed up,” he said, adding that the right use of the internet was key to staying safe online, which can be achieved, he explained, through the proper education of internet users on cyber-ethics and the regulations governing the cyber-space in Ghana.

Source: business24.com.gh
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