LMI Holdings woos manufacturers to Ghana’s largest industrial park

Dawa Industrial Zone1 Dawa Industrial Zone

Mon, 26 Apr 2021 Source: business24.com.gh

LMI Holdings, the company which has built Ghana’s largest industrial park—the Dawa Industrial Zone says it has offered incentives to local manufacturing companies to locate at the park, which is sited off the Accra-Aflao road.

Speaking during a media tour of the park, Mr. Uriel Marquaye, the Business Development Manager of LMI Holdings, said the company has already signed an MoU with the Ghana Chamber of Pharmacy for the allocation of 132 acres of land within the industrial zone to pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

Such companies will be given special incentives to locate in the zone, he added.

“Covid has taught us that it is time for Ghana to intensify its manufacturing, not only to build resilience but to also be in a capable position for a possible future pandemic. Dawa is doing well to support local companies.”

Currently, the zone—which initially covers 2,000 acres of land—has six companies on site. This is envisaged to expand to about 2,000 at full capacity.

Mr. Marquaye said the zone will also have a textiles village to support the development of the garment industry, while other industries like automotive manufacturing, steel fabrication, food processing, and warehousing and logistics are expected to be developed there.

The zone’s operations will lead to the creation of 80,000 direct jobs and 250,000 indirect jobs, he added.

“The advantages are enormous for the country in terms of infrastructural development and attracting foreign direct investment,” said Mr. Marquaye.

The Dawa Industrial Zone is served by a dedicated ultramodern 330MV substation, one of the largest in West Africa.

Source: business24.com.gh