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Effective communication was used in China instead of Bible quotations - Randy Abbey 'mocks'

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Sun, 2 Apr 2023 Source:

Ghanaians will forever remember Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta for his 'selective' Bible quotation which has become his signature when delivering speeches or presentations in Parliament.

The Minister has on different occasions offered a message of hope to citizens under the current economic hardship that witnessed calls for his resignation.

Media personality, Randy Abbey, host of Good Morning Ghana, has brought to the attention of the public how the Finance Minister chose to communicate differently by ditching his signature Bible quotations when he lead Ghana's delegation to engage the Chinese government on the country's debt restructuring programme back in March 2023.

According to Randy, Ken was a "good communicator" in China.

"He didn't quote the Bible when he went there. Don't you realize he is sensitive to the must calm your environment and be sensitive...he is just a wise communicator.

"Will you go to Saudi Arabia and be quoting Bible? China, you'll communicate effectively...when you go and talk about Sanballat and those things in China, they will slap you," he laughed.

Renowned journalist, Kwesi Pratt Jnr, who was a guest on 'Good Morning Ghana' also gave the reason why given the option, he would have selected a more competent person to lead Ghana's delegation that went to seek financial assurances and discuss the possible debt cancellation with China.

"If I were deciding on the one to send to China, would you send Ken Ofori-Atta to China to go negotiate? That's the problem! That place, Bible quotations don't count," Kwesi Pratt noted.

In Pratt's conversation with Randy Abbey who brought his attention to Ken Ofori-Atta's effective communication with the Chinese, he teased Ofori-Atta for his selective Bible quotations, which only come to life when he is addressing the good people of Ghana.

"Oh so there are places where he quotes the Bible and there are places he doesn't quote the Bible?" he quizzed.

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