GUTA is not divided along political lines; ignore false claims - President

Fri, 19 Oct 2018 Source: rainbowradioonline.com

President of the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA), Dr. Joseph Obeng, has rubbished claims of the association being divided along partisan lines over the implementation of Cargo Tracking Note policy.

Answering a question posed to him by rainbowradionline.com at a press conference today [Thursday], over the implantation of CTN and maters arising, the GUTA president said, GUTA is not divided as perceived.

According to him, although some GUTA members have expressed their personal opinions on the matter, it does not affect the position of GUTA as a collective body.

GUTA he said has never toed a political line since it was formed and will continue to work in the interest of its members. Dr. Obeng said, GUTA has never been divided and will never be divided.’’

GUTA has commended government for reaching a resolution to give a quota that "may eventually take these groups of traders from partaking in the CTN, hence his giving a quota of 36 20ft containers or 18 40ft containers per annum, which has been broken down to 3 20ft container or 1 ½ 40ft container a month or per shipment at a time,’’ he stated.

He however said, ''despite the quota, GUTA raised issues of "inadequacy of the quota itself and the confusion that may arise i.e. transitional arrangements, registration for codes and exemptions, petition for upliftment of quotas, commencement and methodology of counting etc.’’

He thanked members of the Joint Business Consultative Forum (JBGF) for the wonderful co-operation and immense contribution for not only opposing, but also subjecting the entire policy to thorough scrutiny.’’

He served notice GUTA will fiercely resist any attempt by policy implementers to cunningly rope into the CTN scheme in the future.

In July this year, GUTA kicked against the implantation of CTN. GUTA at time said, the system which has been re-introduced by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) was not properly communicated to the stakeholders involved.

President of GUTA Joseph Obeng described the system as one being forced down the throat of shippers.

‘‘More confusing is the vice that the vice president in his wisdom suspended the implementation of the CTN on 28th May 2018 only for same to be publicized by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) of its implementation effective from 1st July 2018 without regard for the concerns of relevant stakeholders.’’

He said Mr Obeng added, ‘‘It should be well noted that the fact that methods and systems keep changing and being experimented on without on without seeming success means that, our policymakers do not take the trouble to dissect and understand the viability of the system’’ But addressing the press on Thursday he said, the Ghana Revenue Authority has agreed to allow two months transitional arrangements that will not hinder any shipment for that period of implementation.’’

Source: rainbowradioonline.com