Business News Tue, 11 Sep 2018

Gas Consortium to hold 5th Gas Forum

Organisers of the Ghana Gas Forum, The Gas Consortium (TGC) say this year's edition will focus on using gas resources to drive Ghana's industrialisation agenda.

The two-day event comes off on September 25 and 26 , 2018.

Under the theme “Driving Ghana’s Downstream Gas Utilization”, the forum will perform a critical analysis of policy plans vis-à-vis the country’s goal of leveraging its gas resources for industrialization. The forum will promote a close partnership among key industry players including the Ministry of Energy, Ghana National Gas Company and Ghana National Petroleum Corporation in the policy discussions.

The theme will help charge participants to reflect on the vast development opportunities associated with the downstream sector, specifically the petrochemicals industry, in support of the call for a diversified energy sector via the close linkage of the gas sector and the broader economy.

GGF2018 will also highlight the potential to expand and deepen growth in the local manufacturing sector, focusing sharply on local and global factors that determine the feasibility of downstream projects.

GGF2018 will feature a new session named the CEO Interactive Session on Day 2 – 26th September 2018, structured to enable decision-makers share their upcoming work plans with peers, service providers and interested participants.


This session will provide an excellent avenue for the dissemination of information that relates to the development of the gas sector, offering participants the opportunity to gain deeper insights and market intelligence that can bolster their respective businesses’ strategic plans.

By securing the support of the Energy Ministry as well as other relevant state-led planning institutions and enterprises, the input from the range of stakeholders is set to yet again play a critical role in the dialogues and debates that lead to policy recommendations.

The forum, to be chaired by Mr. Kwame Pianim, kicks off on the 25th of September 2018 with the Energy Minister’s Session highlighted by a presentation from Special Guest of Honour and Energy Minister of the Republic of Ghana, Hon. John-Peter Amewu. Speaking on behalf of The Gas Consortium, the Executive Secretary Mr. Senam F. Gbeho provided a hint on the expectations for the upcoming forum, stating that,

“Ghana Gas Forum has gained recognition as the leading independent energy policy advocacy event on the calendar, as a result of the rigorous dialogues that it engenders and the sharp focus on natural gas as a strategic resource for development. At the heart of this policy making initiative is a desire to achieve economic transformation via industrialization and thus improve the well-being of the larger society. This year’s forum will once again attract a critical mass that understands this objective and helps to align government and industry shared interests in such a manner that creates the space for policy interventions driven by a collective vision.”

GGF2018 is fully endorsed by the Ministry of Energy and open to organizations and practitioners with shared interests who may register to attend via the website: www.ghanagasforum.com.

Source: ghanagasforum.com