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Ghana's old trains: Two locomotives cost me GH¢350,000 - Ibrahim Mahama shares

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Sun, 29 Jan 2023 Source:

It will be recalled that Ibrahim Mahama, the artist acquired some of Ghana’s very old trains from some parts of the country and transported them to the North as part of his collection at the Red Clay Studios.

Speaking on Caleb Kudah’s YouTube channel, Ibrahim Mahama revealed how much these old trains were bought from scrap dealers, welded back and transported from Sekondi to Tamale in the Northern Region.

According to him, two of the locomotives cost him GH¢350,000 adding that the lifting of the 100-year-old trains was a cumbersome task that took a lot of time, dedication and planning to achieve.

He further commended the team who assisted him to transport the trains which are now situated at the Red Clay Studios.

“It took about four days to pack the trains and an extra three to four days driving the locomotive trains to Tamale. We are currently restoring the trains at the Red Clay Studios and that is the core part of the entire project as we seek to breathe life back into things that one would not ordinarily assume can have a sense of value,” he shared.

Ibrahim Mahama the artist is known for his unique ability to create art out of what most people will consider junk.

From old materials including sacks, old sewing machines among other things, he has made a name worldwide with his distinct art which not only promotes Ghana but has historical significance.

In 2021, the artist emerged as one who bought some of Ghana’s old planes to create a museum and community space in Jenakpeng in the Northern Region.

Watch the video below: