It is your fundamental right to demand quality when you purchase goods - CIMG to consumers

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Thu, 16 Mar 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

National President of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana, Dr Daniel Kasser Tee, has urged Ghanaians to insist on quality whenever they purchase goods.

He explained that demanding durable products is a fundamental right of consumers to complete the marketing chain.

"We all know that consumer right is a fundamental issue. Marketing theory emphasises the point that we are in production because of consumption and if consumers have to come in to play this role in completing the production process, then the onus is on us as providers of goods and services to ensure that the rights of consumers are respected," he said.

Dr Kasser Tee was speaking during a breakfast panel discussion organised by his outfit in commemoration of World Consumer Rights Day.

The discussion sought to raise awareness of consumer rights and highlight the rights from the perspective of Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Telecommunications and the Healthcare Industry.

On the part of manufacturers, the CIMG president said the onus is on the producers to sure the safety of consumers emphasising on the need to use quality raw materials, ingredients used and whether there may be downsides or effects.

This, he said, allows the consumer to decide whether to go for the commodity or not.

"Any product you are patronising, if it is a physical product, you have the right to see the chemical composition, and ingredients that are written on the labels to understand, in plain language, what it is you are patronising. The onus is on the provider to ensure that you have a right to safety."

He continued, "If for any reason the product has a downside or side effect it is your right to know and to agree that you want to go ahead to patronise. It is the duty of providers to ensure that the consumer has the right apart from satisfaction to good health before they put them on the market."

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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