Business News Thu, 25 Feb 2016

Jovago partners GhanaWeb to facilitate hotel bookings

Jovago.com, Africa's N° 1 hotel booking website and GhanaWeb Ventures, a worldwide leader in online news and information have announced today a partnership to give readers of the online news website direct access to Jovago.com’s online portal and to book an hotel

This would further ensure the ease and flexibility with which readers can access a wide range of hotels and make bookings straight from a white label hosted on the Ghanaweb website. This mutually beneficial partnership makes Ghanaweb a ready to go place not only for news and information but also a place where readers can get ready accommodation by just a few clicks of the mouse.

This white label deal allows Jovago to share its website on Ghanaweb giving readers of this highly patronized information and news hub a wide range of accommodation options to select from as well as a fast and easy medium to book hotels at the best available rates.

GhanaWeb is a very distinguished media house which is not only notable for accurate and reliable news but also has a large number of page views and readers. This represents a wide pool of valuable customers that fall within the Jovago target market.

“The media plays a very important role in increasing brand awareness and informing both already existing customers and potential customers about new and improved products.In this age of globalization and high demand for fast,easy and profitable means of doing business,e-commerce is one sector of business that cannot be underrated. The role of the media in growing brands and making us more visible and accessible is priceless and very much appreciated by brands such as ours’’ said Claire Staal, Managing Director of Jovago Ghana.


Jovago which currently holds the position as Africa’s largest inventory of hotels will become more recognized in Ghana and beyond as Ghanaweb reaches many viewers and readers far beyond the shores of Ghana and Africa .

Bennet Otoo, Public Relations Manager at Jovago Ghana said, “It is great for Jovago to partner with such a media giant as Ghanaweb who will aid us increase our brand awareness and reach more valuable travelers via their well structured website. Jovago aims at becoming more accessible to make travel more easy and affordable in Africa. Building long lasting business relationships with strong media houses gives us the leverage to grow.”

This partnership also allows Jovago.com to share travel related stories and tips for travelers as well as provide insights into technology and e-commerce through informative articles on GhanaWeb.

"Travel is a very important facet of every business entity these days and people are looking to travel for one reason or the other. Whether the travel is for business or pleasure,people naturally want a fast,easy and convenient way to get quality but affordable accommodation.Associating ourselves with Africa’s number one online hotel booking portal with a vast inventory of hotels to meet our viewers demands is a major milestone in our quest to provide added value for GhanaWeb users," added Joost Donkers , Digital-analytics strategist of GhanaWeb.

About Jovago.com


Since its inception in 2013 and the opening of its first offices in Africa, Jovago has been growing steadily.Its large inventory lists 25,000 hotels in over 40 African countries and 200,000 hotels worldwide. With its ongoing success, Jovago aims to accelerate the innovation of its digital services in the hospitality industry in emerging countries.

Jovago.com is an online hotel booking service with offices in Lagos (Nigeria), Nairobi (Kenya), Dakar (Senegal), Accra (Ghana) founded by Africa Internet Group and has MTN and Millicom as investors.

Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 booking portal, facilitates the booking process for its users to provide them with the best hotel booking experience with fast, transparent and easy-to-use services.

Source: Jovago.com