Local tech companies upbeat about Twitter’s headquarters in Accra

Twitter Ghanae121 Social media platform Twitter will establish its presence in Africa with a HQ in Ghana

Thu, 6 May 2021 Source: thebftonline.com

Local technology firms have expressed excitement about the prospect of the presence of global technology giant, Twitter, setting up its West Africa office in Ghana, saying the move will promote competitive growth in the tech space in the country.

American microblogging and social networking service Twitter, in April, announced a decision to build a team in Ghana to truly serve public conversation. This, local technology firms believe will promote investment in local talents and enhance competition in the industry.

In an interview with the B&FT, CEO of Built Accounting, a web and mobile applications company, Edward Neequaye emphasised what has been said by many that Twitter building its West-African headquarters in Ghana will benefit local tech companies.

“Twitter stated that they are building a team in Ghana which I believe is a great investment for local talents. The ability to work and learn from a global company goes a long way to help the local tech ecosystem. These local talents may come back with more capital, connections and exposure to start new businesses, invest in some and even mentor others.

We will also see them invest in programmes that lead to more training opportunities in tech like Facebook and Google do in Nigeria.

Twitter setting up in Ghana is a net positive for the country, every technology company would love to set up in a country that’s being praised for its democracy and online freedom. It improves our image out there as a good place to do business in Africa. What excites me about this move is their reasons for choosing Ghana, citing that the secretariat for the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) here as reason.

This means that businesses here are going to experience a boost. Every twitter event is a chance for a business somewhere to gain revenue and government to get taxes,” he said.

Chief Technical Officer of Apps and Mobile, Jerry Bansah, said Twitter setting up in Ghana will push the tech space to do more, thus, creating a more vibrant technology ecosystem.

“Twitter coming here means that many more tech companies will be interested in coming to do business here which then pushes our tech sector to do more. In addition, to the fact that the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) is a big thing, it will have us pushing to see how best we can take advantage of these opportunities to have better lives and businesses.

I believe in the shortest to medium term, many other giant tech companies will be trooping in to do business in Ghana, which then means that the world is watching us and we seem to be doing something right in the space of freedom of speech,” he said.

For media entrepreneur, Ali Mohhammed, Twitter setting up its headquarters in means job creation for the economy.

Twitter has assured that as part of long-term commitment to the region, the company will continue to explore compelling ways so it can use the positive power of Twitter to strengthen communities through employee engagement, platform activation, and corporate giving.

“We still have much to learn but we are excited to listen, learn, and engage. Public conversation is essential to solving problems, building shared ideas, and pushing us all forward together. We can’t wait for the next step on that journey,” the company said.

Source: thebftonline.com
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