Business News Tue, 4 Aug 2015

More drivers purchase fuel based on prices

Most drivers in the New Juaben Municipality purchase fuel based on the price and the good services rendered by the fuel attendants at a particular filling station.

This came to light in a survey conducted by Ghana News Agency among commercial drivers in Koforidua.

Out of the 74 respondents in the survey, 22 drivers representing 29.7 per cent, said their choice of where to buy fuel is based on the price and majority of that percentage said they buy their fuel at Goil because the price of their fuel is lower than most fuel companies.

The same number of drivers also said they buy their fuel at Total Filling Stations because of the good services of the fuel attendants.

Nine drivers, representing 12.3 per cent, said their decision is based on proximity and majority of drivers in this group cited the Total filling station as fuel stations of their preference.


Eleven drivers, representing 14.8 per cent of the respondent, said they buy their fuel from Frimps Oil and Total because of the quality of the fuel sold at those filling stations.

Ten drivers, representing 13.5 per cent, said they buy their fuel from the Shell Filling Station stations because of long relationship that they have with those stations.

The survey was to find out if drivers do consider proximity of the fuel station, price, good services, product quality in deciding where to buy their fuel.

Koforidua and its immediate environment has about 17 petrol filling stations and nine gas stations.

Source: GNA