Business News Fri, 7 Oct 2016

S.E.A to participate in Ghana International Trade Fair on Plastics, and Printing

S.E.A a leading European laser toner and inkjet cartridges producers, first time in the company’s history will participate in Ghana International Trade Show on Plastics, Composites, Chemistry and Printing & Packaging Solutions and Material, billed to take place in Accra Ghana.

The international Trade Show on Plastics, Composites, Chemistry and Printing & Packaging Solutions and Material is a 3 day event to be held from 05 - 07 December 2017 at the Accra International Conference Centre in Accra, Ghana.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with TodayGhanaNews, business Development Manager, Mr. Alfonso Lieto said, the event offers the Italian based company an opportunity to showcase its high quality FREE-TECH to the booming West Africa country for costumers and consumers of Packaging, Printing & Publishing industries.

He said, fair will serve a right strategy for S.E.A, an opportunity to drastically expand the company’s customer base. And at the time people who attend trade show will be motivated and interested in FREE-TECH products and also commit to a deal on the spot.

Mr. Alfonso Lieto believes that, the Ghana trade fair will position FREE-TECH products will generate sales lead, build relationships with prospects, advance the sales cycle, cross-sell existing clients, meet spread-out buying teams at one time, recruit new sales people, recruit new distribution, and train new sales people.

He said, as a new entrant to the Ghanaian Market, the fair will expose S.E.A to the press and the general public attending the trade shows for them to know about FREE-TECH products to become a household name in Ghana and West Africa.


S.E.A is leading European laser toner and inkjet cartridges producer of FREE-TECH, a leading brand in Europe.

S.E.A is a leader in supplying raw materials with a selection that is unmatched in the market with some of the largest names in the industry are their direct competitors.

The company has sales offices in Germany, Italy with two main manufacturing production lines in Serbia and Italy that produces and distributes its customizing products with more than three hundred brands.

Currently, major European, Russia and North Africa companies are tendering for S.E.A products, because they are produces under high international quality criteria with large investment in research and moreover the products are of high quality.

S.E.A will join over hundred other exhibitors in the event to showcase plastics, rubber and composites like raw materials, chemicals and auxiliaries, plastic packaging machinery and technology, equipments and services, machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling, machinery and plant for processing, post processing machinery, machinery and plant for finishing, decorating, printing and marking, welding machines, molds and dies, ancillary equipment, measuring, control and test equipments, parts and components, semi finished products, technical parts and reinforced plastics, plastics finished products, print like pre press and pre media, printing machinery, appliances and accessories, book binding and print finishing, paper converting and packaging production, materials and consumables, services, packaging and conditioning like packaging machines and equipments, machines and equipment for beverages and liquid bottling and packaging, machines and equipments for imprinting of packaging materials, packaging devices, packaging appliances, packaging materials, services and packaging means and aids.

Source: Seth Addi/TodayGhanaNews.com