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Ghana Card 1.png The situation is expected to ensure seamless transactions across the country

Thu, 1 Apr 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

The Ghana Revenue Authority, GRA, will from today April 1, 2021, integrate the Ghana Card to replace the Taxpayer Identification Number of individuals issued by the Ghana Revenue Authority for tax identification purposes.

The situation is expected to ensure seamless transactions across the country and also ensure revenue mobilization.

According to the GRA, the move is part of the government’s effort to ensure one-card system operations in the country.

It has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Passport Office, Driver Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA), and Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), to synchronize their biometric cards with the Ghana-Card electronic database system.

An individual has to take the following steps during the synchronization process;

1. Have a valid Ghana Card

2. Walk to any GRA Offices near you with the card

3. Your data will be taken and confirmed by the officials

4. You will be asked to place your fingers on the biometric machines to scan your data on the system

5. A passport photo-size picture will be captured which will be integrated into the system attached with the Ghana Card number

6. And then, your card will be given back to you. The process is done.

The Commission General of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Rev. Ammishaddia Owusu-Amoah expressed optimism that the move will improve revenue collection.

“There has been the need for us to see as a tax authority or as a nation, how we can increase the number of taxpayers and also ensure that our revenue base as a nation also increases towards our goal of increasing the revenue and GDP ratio.

"Now the starting point for even paying tax is first to register and get more people to register that’s to get more people on the database,” he said

He also said this is an opportunity for registered Ghana Card members to become automatic taxpayers.

“This is an opportunity for us to get those people who have registered for the Ghana Card to automatically become registered taxpayers. It is also for us as a country to avoid the situation where an individual is asked of their TIN numbers at all places they go.

"So there is the issue of having a united one card for Ghana. And so for us at the Ghana Revenue Authority, it is an important step because it gives us a huge database where we can now start engaging the people who have registered and try to also identify how they can comply with the tax and also to see which kind of tax type they are eligible or suppose to pay and then we will be able to get the tax,” he added.

However, the offices include the Registrar General’s Department at Accra, Taxpayer Service Center at Adabraka – Accra, Taxpayer Service Center at Asokwa in Kumasi, Taxpayer Service Center at Wa, and Taxpayer Service Center at Cape Coast.

Registration officials of the NIA will however eventually be stationed at 63 other GRA locations to serve all taxpayers.

After this period, it is expected that all existing TINs will be replaced with the Ghana Card PIN.

A Self-Service portal has also been made available on the GRA website for existing taxpayers who have registered and have been issued with Ghana cards to link their Ghana card PIN to their TIN.

Furthermore, any taxpayer with a Ghana card must present it at any GRA office to be registered as a taxpayer.

The GRA concluded by saying, for transactions such as the filing of returns, payment of taxes, clearing of goods, and registering of businesses, the Ghana card PIN should be quoted on the Application Forms, Returns, and Schedules – supporting the transactions.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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