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Watch how a young lady lamented over payment of rent advance in Ghana

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Mon, 6 Feb 2023 Source:

The issue of home ownership and paying rent to afford a decent place of living has long impacted the daily income of many Ghanaians, especially the youth.

Landlords have often taken advantage of this pressing need to demand huge sums of money from tenants to provide accommodation.

Although the average salary of a Ghanaian youth comes with some disparity in rent payment, they are forced to come up with huge rent advances covering an average of two years depending on the location.

In a viral video sighted by GhanaWeb Business, the issue of paying rent in advance seems to have reached a tipping point for a young lady who is captured lamenting the huge sum she had to pay for a roof over her head.

She also bemoaned the amount imposed by rental agents who provide and lead potential tenants to prospective places of rent – something that is described as ‘viewing fee’ and 'agent fee'.

In addition to this, the young lady bemoaned the associated bills needed to pay for survival in a rented place coupled with making ends meet.

“It's rather serious that I have been in a rented place for about two years where I’m paying GH¢8,000 and now I’m supposed to be paying GH¢9,600…yet the landlord is demanding a two-year rent advance, not even for a year,” she lamented.

She continued, “I was under the impression that rent payment should cover between six months to a year and now it seems like we are just working to earn money, not for ourselves but just to pay landlords. The youth of this country are suffering and rent is killing us all.”

“For instance, in Dansoman, you won’t even get a single room to rent at the cost of GH¢600 but the landlord will instead demand a two-year rent advance. This is rather too much for the youth,” the frustrated lady added.

Watch the video below: