Business News Fri, 31 Jan 2003

Woolworths Launches 3 Months-to-Pay Laybye Option

Woolworths Ghana, located in Liberation Road and High Street in Accra have recently launched their laybye plan which allows customers to secure merchandise with a 30% deposit and pay the balance over a 3 month period.

According to Woolworths Director, Mr. Joe Ofori Atta, this option has proved to be highly successful within the Group in other African countries and forms part of the ongoing drive to provide customers with facilities which cater to their specific requirements.

"We have all experienced the frustration of seeing an item in a store which we wouldlike to purchase but may not have sufficient cash to buy it at that particular time, and by the time we go back to collect it the item has been sold," says Ofori Atta.

"Our laybye option offers the opportunity to plan financially and co-ordinate purchases - be it personal items or homeware" The lay bye option at Woolworths allows customers to pay a deposit of 30% of the total value of their purchase.

The goods are kept at the store, isolated in a designated area, and the customer can pay the balance owing on the purchase anytime between the date of making the initial lay bye and the next three months.


The customer is provided with a lay bye voucher showing full details of the lay bye purchase and is issued with a lay bye receipt each time he or she makes a payment.

Mr. Ofori Atta commented that this option of planning purchases was particularly effective for special occasion shopping such as Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, Church functions etc.

As far is home decorating is concerned, the opportunity now exists to select an entire range of bedding, curtaining, lamps and accessories and the customer can be assured of a completely coordinated look in their home once the lay bye has been redeemed.

This same merchandise planning by the customer is also highly effective for newly-weds starting up a home together or couples planning for a new baby.

A full range of baby wear is available including cots, bathing components, bedding, towelling, sleepwear, outerwear and accessories.


The quality standards of Woolworths products are unsurpassed in Africa and every purchase carries a full guarantee.

Woolworths is fast proving to be a one stop shopping experience for many people in Ghana in terms of clothing, underwear, sleepwear, footwear, toiletries and homewear.

The Liberation Road store is complemented by a small food store which is extending its catalogue to suit customer requirements.

Source: Ghanaian Chronicle